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Ber-National Controls Inc. is a Master Distributor of parking and card access controls, surveillance, photo identification equipment and supplies. We sell and service to public and private corporations, colleges and universities, hospitals, local and governmental municipalities.


Parking garage and parking lot equipment is found in public or private parking garages as well as open parking lots, where fees are collected to park a vehicle. Card access controls are not only found in the above, they are widely found in buildings where restricted access is necessary for safe entrance and exit of personnel. Surveillance is also an important component in all types of facilities for reasons of security to people as well as to property. Photo identification serves an additional means of verifying, controlling and validating personnel.


Ber-National Controls has a strong selling and service reputation, we routinely write specifications and consult with architects for projects going out for competitive bidding. From start up through final completion, Ber-National Controls remains committed to providing the best knowledge possible of the parking, surveillance and card access control industry.

New York State licensed for security, fire and access control License Number 12000063930

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